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5 – Rip Esselstyn on Eating Strong Food

Rip headshot

Today’s episode features Rip Esselstyn, a man of many talents. I first knew Rip as an incredibly talented pro triathlete who raced against my husband Tim in the mid 90s. After his triathlon career, he became a firefighter in Austin, TX. It was there that he founded the Engine 2 empire which started as a macho “who has the lowest cholesterol” contest between firefighters and has become a massive movement in the plant-powered arena.


Rip is a New York Times bestselling author, his Engine 2 products are in Whole Foods stores across the country (I love his plant burgers), he is working on a game-changing documentary film with some very famous and powerful people, he puts on inspiring and educational food events around the country, and to top it off, he’s one of the coolest, most grounded people you’ll ever meet. Married with a 8, 6 and 2 year old (at age 52 by the way), and still swims everyday for health and sanity. He’s just one of those people who is truly changing the world and I can’t wait to share his outlook with you.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn about the following and more:


  • How to become heart attack proofRip Firehouse
  • Lots of science-y stuff about your body, heart and arteries
  • How to do the 28 Day Engine 2 Challenge
  • How to naturally avoid erectile dysfunction (I’m serious!)
  • A groundbreaking documentary film he’s producing with James Cameron called The Game Changers, that challenges the myth that men must eat meat to be manly
  • His incredible foodie events at


How cool is Rip? I could listen to him all day. This guy is the real deal. Be sure to check out what Rip is doing on and – watch his videos and buy his books! I love his Engine 2 Challenge book. If you’re curious about how your body will respond, give it a try. My parents just did the 28 Day Challenge and they have been everyday meat eaters their entire lives. My mom said her energy is better than she can remember it in the past few decades. And she’s 70. In other words, it’s not impossible to give it a try if you have interest, and it’s doable by anyone with a little planning. I encourage anyone who is curious to give it a try and learn something new about your body.


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