Meet Colleen Cannon – former professional triathlete & the founder of Women’s Quest. Before retreats were a thing, before women’s-only anything was a thing, before the internet even, there was Colleen. She discovered her calling early on, and just knew she needed to create a way to bring women together for self-care, love and empowerment.


And let me tell you – I’m finally in a place in my life for a retreat! I’ve always wanted to learn to surf, but I’ve never carved out time to make it happen. Hell I’m 45 – it’s time! So I thought about my life today, my family, my priorities, and decided I want to include them in this adventure. So Tim, Wilder and I are going to Colleen’s Costa Rica Surf and Yoga retreat Feb 11-17, 2018. I will turn 46 on the last day so it will be a banner trip! You HAVE to check this out. They need at least 5 couples to make this a go. Actually, you can go solo, with your partner or your bestie. The cost is $2600 if you’re solo but you get $200 off each person if you bring a partner. Just use the code “SKIRTSPORTS” for the $200 discount. Let me know if you’re coming!


Now that we’re all totally excited about Costa Rica, let’s move on to Colleen! Today you will hear the story of Colleen Cannon who was one of the most prolific triathletes in the 80s and 90s. She is a World Champion and multiple time National Champion, but her background wasn’t as a purist swim, bike, runner. She rode horses. And she still does. Colleen has the best energy around. I want to have her on the show again because we just barely scratched the surface on so many incredible topics. All right – I hope you’re ready for an energy infusion.


Today we talk about:

  • Colleen’s background – she’s one of EIGHT kids!
  • How she became a runner through her love of horses
  • The early days of triathlon
  • Chickens and Watermelon
  • Green Magma
  • How “Women will save the world”
  • Women’s Quest – how retreats can recharge your soul


What you don’t know is that after the episode we went out and jumped on the trampoline for a while and can I say, Colleen has the energy of my 5 year old! She can jump like a pro! It is a testament to the fact that through her hilarious stories run some seriously deep threads of wisdom, like the work/play ethic balance game, her wake-up moment that came during a surreal native American ceremony where she was literally called out to help women save the planet, and how she then merged the mind-body-spirit into an experience that helps women slip the switch on their lives. Funny how we’re only ready to see things that later seem so obvious – well, when we’re ready.


I’m so grateful for the work Colleen is doing in this world. Check out her Women’s Quest retreats, and use the code “SKIRTSPORTS” for $200 off for any weeklong retreat. I have a feeling they will change your life in ways you can’t yet imagine. At least I hope so!


All right folks. That’s enough for today. You know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week! And when you have an extra 30 seconds to spare, hop over to iTunes and write a Run This World review – let’s keep the inspiration going!