Meet Meagan O’Nan. Speaker, Author, Life Coach, Peace Warrior. She’s got it all going on! But she wasn’t always living her truth. Meagan is from a fairly conservative southern community, so when she faced her family and friends to tell them that she is gay, she wasn’t met with open arms and immediate acceptance.


Meagan has traveled a brave road, encouraging herself and those around her to embrace who they are, no matter how tough acceptance may be. Today she owns a practice in Starkville, MS with her wife Clare called Thrive Health. They offer acupuncture, life coaching, massage, counseling and more. Turns out her small-town community was more than ready – the practice is growing and thriving. She’s also the author of two books chock full of inspiration, tactics and other ways to help you live your truest life, “Creating Your Heaven on Earth: Unveiling the Truth that was Always There” and “Courage: Agreeing to Disagree is Not Enough.”


Today we talk about:

  • How to really let go: Watch this video where I got “life coached live” to see what she means!
  • What the heck is a life coach
  • Why accountability partners are important
  • Slow & steady wins the race of life: Stop rushing your healing and processes
  • Learn to be still: it takes practice


I love this episode for so many reasons; mostly that Meagan’s message is all about embracing who you are, accepting who you are, and living fully in the messiness that is you!