Meet Monica Leonard – Pediatric nurse turned entrepreneur, mom, wife, and trailblazer in the world of chemical-free living. Actually that’s the wrong way to say it, as Monica educated me, there are all sorts of chemicals in the world. Some are really bad for you and much more abundant than we realize. Monica didn’t intend to start a business that focuses on healthy living. She got here through an experience that will break your heart, but ultimately turned into something that can help others.


Molly’s Suds was created after Monica lost her baby, Molly, just before she was born. Monica’s baby died in utero the day before she gave birth. It’s tragic, horrific and triggers so much emotion that I choke up during the interview and literally have trouble recovering. Monica explains how she was able to continue on despite this deep loss, and how she became obsessed with the compounds that we expose ourselves to, without fully understanding how they may or may not affect our bodies.


Today we talk about:

  • Monica’s pregnancy & Molly’s stillborn birth
  • Spontaneous ablation: Factors that may cause this condition
  • Monica’s faith & how she found the strength to move on
  • How Monica dealt with the grief, specifically this advice, “Never judge a partner, family member or friends on how they grieve.”
  • Monica’s exploration into the world of chemicals that should not be inside our bodies
  • How chemicals are stored in our bodies – they live in our fat stores; for example, if you’re thin, they will be stored near your organs or your brain
  • Education regarding what chemicals to avoid
  • Book suggestion “Slow Death by Rubber Duck: How the Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Life Affects Our Health
  • Tips and tricks on doing your laundry and cleaning your house
  • Monica mentions this website to find research and studies regarding many commonly bought home products (I just got stuck reading about the best and worst sunscreens on the market!)


Monica is clearly a woman on a mission. What I love about this episode is how it ranges from detailed practical advice to very deep, emotional issues. Her business was started with pure intentions and it shows.


Monica is offering 25% off Molly’s Suds – just use code SKIRTSPORTS at checkout. You will want to try her All Sport (I love the orange) and the wool dryer balls for sure!