Meet Ashley Eisenmenger the youngest guest I’ve ever had on the show. At just 20 years old, Ashley is taking the world by storm as an elite triathlete gunning for her first World Paratriathlon Championships. Ashley has been legally blind since birth. Her only vision is the ability to see some light with her left eye. She was born a triplet with a condition called retinopathy of prematurity. Her sisters also have vision impairment, but she has the most extreme case. Ashley says that if asked if she could have her eyesight back for a do-over in life, she says no way. Part of why she has developed such a positive outlook on life is that her parents didn’t know what they didn’t know and just raised her like every other kid.


Today we talk about:

  • Growing up legally blind as a triplet in a small town
  • Playing sports as a blind athlete
  • How Ashley got into triathlon – from Running to Cycling to Swimming
  • Training and racing with a guide
  • Striving to reach your potential while the bar keeps rising
  • Navigating the world blind: “I don’t think about how I’m going to make it work, I just figure it out.”
  • Her TEDx Talk: The Power of Perspective
  • What’s next: Adult job or more world exploration?

Ashley is a woman on a mission. I love how eloquently she speaks of big topics like the fact that hitting your potential is a fruitless quest because the bar is constantly raised. But she maintains the ability to stay optimistic by focusing on positivity. I can’t help but wonder if she has more perspective than so many of us. Her TEDx talk is called the Power of Perspective. She has mastered this ability to simply shift how she perceives a situation. Please take a moment to watch her speech. This woman is going places! Be sure to follow her on social media and her blog “How Ashley Sees It.”


There are so many messages in this episode. I really love the word she chose to describe herself – hungry. What would it be like if we all lived hungry? And her final nugget: you have more control than you think in what you do and how other people respond to that. By living a life that makes you happy you inadvertently make other people happy. As I said, Ashley is contagious, I hope you follow along with what is sure to be her incredible life.


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