Maria Uspenski is the founder of The Tea Spot and so much more. She’s a mom of two amazing daughters, entrepreneur, MIT educated engineer, former ballerina, fluent in many languages, cancer survivor, and tea lover, advocate and expert. She’s one of those people who leads through her actions and how she treats other people. Today’s episode is inspirational, thought-provoking, educational and will leave you wanting to sip and sample tea of every kind.


Today we cover:

  • Maria’s background: growing up as a ballerina and finding her confidence in France at 17
  • Life before cancer
  • Cancer diagnosis & treatment journey: Stage 3c Ovarian cancer
  • Cancer symptoms that are not always obvious
  • Why it’s critical to make your health non-negotiable
  • How to “check in with your health everyday”
  • Tea education!
  • Types of teas and how they are produced
  • Health benefits of tea


I just loved sitting across from Maria sipping her amazing cold-brewed concoctions, listening to her stories and learning about all the healing properties of tea. I will not lie, I have been a coffee drinker since college, often ordering things like a quad Americano just because I’m an ALL-IN kind of person. But as I get older and open my mind to things that I didn’t really understand or appreciate I realize that there is room in this world for so much! I will tell you that if you buy her book “Cancer Hates Tea” your mind will open and suddenly you will WANT to enhance your coffee-drinking life. And if you are already a tea-head, you will want to try more, new, and different varieties. Because that’s what this podcast is all about right? Opening our minds and seeing the world in a way we didn’t before.


GIVEAWAY: I’m giving away Maria’s book Cancer Hates Tea. Just head over to the Skirt Sports Facebook page. You’ll see the post with instructions on how to win. The winner will be chosen on August 3, 2017, so anyone who is doing a Run This World marathon will have time to listen to this one before we draw the winner!


On that note, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and RUN THIS WORLD! Have a great workout and we’ll see you next week.