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6 – Erin Carson on Training for Life

Boulder Images June 2015Welcome to Episode 6 of Run This World. Today’s episode features Erin Carson, former pro athlete, “Trainer to the Tri Stars,” owner of RallySport in Boulder, and generally awesome person.


Before we get started, let me lay a little framework. Full disclosure: Erin is the owner of RallySport and I’m a member. But that’s not why she’s on the show. She’s here because Erin is a visionary and is changing the world with her philosophy on training the body. I met Erin many years ago but I didn’t enlist her services until I got pregnant and decided I wanted to work with someone who understood what pregnant women athletes wanted. Not a touchy feely program but someone who would keep me strong and help open me up. During that time, I realized that I was in the presence of someone very special, one of the most positive people I’d ever know, and now I have the chance to share her with you!


Here’s what we cover in today’s episode:


  • Erin’s philosophy on being a greatboss and leader
  • The importance of relationships in business and life
  • Visualization
  • EC Fit Boulder’s 5-step program toward getting stronger, injured less and racing faster
  • Why getting loaded is not the way to go
  • Flexible goals
  • Why “Doing the Best You Can” is important
  • Who should be in your provider network


Erin’s quote of the day: “If you can finish and say, ‘I did the best I could,’ then you win. That’s winning.”


erin youtube screenshot

Erin has such an open, nurturing view of the world. She truly wants people to enjoy long, happy lives. You can see a sample of her training techniques in this video.


If you’re interested in getting on the EC Fit train, be sure you take her up on a 15% discount for the following programs.


  1. 20 week – 5 Phase program
  2. Off season strength training
  3. Ironman 9 week 70.3 prep 

Redeem at and use this code ECFitRTW


I hope you enjoyed the show today. If you did, please share it with a friend, comment here, and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I want to hear your thoughts, feedback and any suggestions you have for future guests. Now get out there and Run This World!