Meet Nick Symmonds. He is truly a man on the move. Nick is a 2-time Olympian, has medaled at 13 USA Championships (including 9 Golds). Along the way he learned to love running (believe it or not, he did NOT love running when he started). He became a staunch advocate for athletes’ rights. He started Run Gum – an incredible, innovative company that solves a problem many athletes face. He wrote a book “Life Outside the Oval Office.” He is also after the State High Points & 7 Summits which you can read about on his site (this is all in his “down time.”) He travels, does public speaking, and generally lifts and inspires people everywhere he goes. You definitely need to check out his Youtube channel for both fun and thought-provoking episodes.


All in all, Nick has definitely a been-there / done-that kinda guy. Many people would stop-there! But not Nick. He recently announced his retirement from track & field racing, but it wasn’t just a retirement that he announced. In the same breath, he declared his next goal – the Honolulu Marathon in December. A goal that both scares and excites him. I feel so lucky to chat with┬áNick about his past, present and future. We dug into what makes Nick tick and I know you will appreciate his openness, honesty and vulnerability.


Today we hit on:

  • What it’s like to retire (but not really retire!)
  • Nick’s next big project: The Honolulu Marathon
  • How he started running (hint: a girl was involved)
  • Nick’s childhood & the role his parents played in his development as a person
  • Big issues like how to handle failure, what holds people back from pursuing their goals, his definition of success
  • Athletes’ rights: why this is important to him
  • Run Gum: His amazing company (more below on a giveaway!)
  • Climbing mountains


Nick is a truly exceptional human being. He is clearly a high-energy man on a mission. The difference between Nick and so many other people is that he continues to reset his mission. As he mentions, a life without purpose leads him to deep, dark places. And as he also suggests, the only way to reach great heights is to set lofty goals and be sure to WRITE THEM DOWN!


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