64 – How Running & Food Saved Kelly Newlon’s Life


Meet Kelly Newlon – the founder of RAD – Real Athlete Diets. I first met Kelly when she was running a food truck in Boulder called Streat Chefs. I literally wandered out of my office one day and there it was. I can’t remember what I got but it was delicious. I know this because every time I have ever tasted a bite of food prepared by Kelly, it has always been nothing short of delicious. I went into this interview with 3 topics I wanted to cover: 1) Kelly’s running background and the fact that she has run many marathons and ultras to date, 2) how and why Kelly became a chef – and finally, 3) food. As an athlete and a chef, I figured she could give us tons of insider info into the world of nutrition for athletes especially since her amazing company RAD.


But… The interview took a different track pretty early on. As we delved into how Kelly became who she is, a very intense and important part of her background emerged – Kelly is a long-time victim of domestic abuse in her previous relationship. I am so proud of Kelly for being open and vulnerable – please have an open heart and open mind as you listen. And if anyone is going through domestic abuse, please reach out to me and/or Kelly. We will help you find the right resources to take your next steps. And yes, we still manage to talk about running, being a chef and food, that’s why this episode is over an hour long!


Today we talk about:

  • The two things Kelly decided at age 5.
  • How running played a role in Kelly’s childhood
  • Kelly’s journey to becoming a chef (with a long layover as a pastry chef!)
  • Kelly’s first marriage: an abusive relationship
  • How Kelly extricated herself from a dangerous relationship
  • The role running played in Kelly’s journey to health
  • RAD: Kelly & 2nd husband Morgan started Real Athlete Diets
  • Bright Craft: Kelly has an idea and wants to help athletes find empowerment


This is an awesome, intense, emotional episode. I can’t thank Kelly enough for allowing us to “go there.” The point of this podcast is to bring forth topics that are sometimes difficult in the hopes that they may help others work through their own tough times. I’m sure that you were able to see how Kelly persevered in the face of hardship. She summed it up by saying, “I would rather knock the door down than stand there and knock at it.” This mindset may have aggravated her situation to some extent, but it also allowed her to find the strength to make hard decisions and move her life in a different direction.


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All right everyone, you know what time it is. It’s time to get out there and Run This World. Have a great workout and I’ll see you next week!