Run This World

7 – Kim & Jake Rosenbarger on Gluten Free Living



Welcome to Episode 6 of Run This World. Today’s episode features my friends, Kim &
Jake Rosenbarger, owner of Kim & Jake’s gluten free bakery. They started with a cake shop in Boulder and have expanded This is my first husband-wife interview. I wish we were on video because the spousal dynamic was pretty awesome.


In today’s episode, we cover lots of delicious stuff.


  • Why they started a gluten-free bakery
  • Lots of discussion about gluten free cake and delicious Gluten free treats
  • Gluten free industry and food/eating trends
  • Home delivery meal prep services like Blue Apron and Green Chef
  • How to successfully run a business with your spouse
  • What celiac disease is, including signs, symptoms and how to diagnose it


Kim-and-Jakes-Gluten-Free-BakeryFor local Colorado listeners, as a special treat, grab a friend and head over to their cake shop in South Boulder on Table Mesa and Broadway. Just mention this podcast and you’ll get a Buy One Get one free cupcake – any flavor. I promise they are DELISH! Be prepared to be hooked.


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