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88 – Betsy Hartley Woke Up One Day and Changed Her Life


Betsy Hartley woke up one day at 400 lbs and a type 2 diabetic and simply said, “I’m going to do things differently starting now.” Since then she has lost over half of her body weight and reversed her type 2 diabetes. She is running ultramarathons, living a life of openness in regards to her issues, specifically binge-eating disorder, and bringing hope to many others who battle in the dark and feel hopeless and alone. Betsy started Novo Veritas (which means Honest Change) with Spencer Newell, another incredibly inspiring person who recently wrote a book about his alcohol and addiction journey. Between the two of them, they help and nurture others along their life journeys that are often filled with regret, shame and despair.


Betsy is the first to admit that her journey is ongoing. On her popular blog allbetsareoff392, she recently went public about how her binge-eating disorder reared its ugly head again late last year. Betsy decided to come forth with this because she knows the power of bringing the tough stuff into the open. If we can’t admit our own struggles, how can we ever move forward? And further, how can we help others do the same? Today Betsy is an inspirer of many with an official ACE Health & Wellness Coach certification to back it up.


In this episode, we ask you to help Betsy as she tackles her 50th birthday this year by answering this challenge: What audacious, epic outdoor adventure should the 50-year-old Betsy Hartley do? It can be anything: Running swimming, cycling, mountaineering, you name it! Please post here, on facebook, or simply reach out to Betsy yourself with suggestions!


Today we talk about:

  • Betsy’s journey as a young girl who slowly put on weight until she eventually gave into her situation
  • The day she decided she would “do things differently”
  • “Pizza has never been mean to me.”
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • How to focus on non-scale victories
  • “You can’t or You won’t?” – the difference between these two statements
  • Just do the next right thing
  • Why #REALwomenmove Matters
  • And more!


Betsy is one of those special people you stumble across and wish you had known her your entire life. There’s no doubt that she will continue to motivate and inspire others because she is continuing to motivate and inspire herself – and that’s where it needs to start!


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