She Runs It

9 – DIY Guide to Getting Faster

Lots to absorb in this one!

First, the best strategy to get faster is to get a coach, guide or mentor. If this isn’t possible or you just want to give it a try on your own, we share lots of great tips.


1) If you want to get faster and you have the means, get yourself a coach, guide or mentor.

2) In order to get faster, you need to do a lot of your training much slower and a small amount of training way faster. It seems counterintuitive

3) You can’t jump right into going faster. You need to do some work first. Good form and Strength work need to be in place first.

4) Even if you are doing all the right workouts and they don’t go well, it’s okay. You still showed up, you still did it and it still counts toward something.