Run This World

Welcome to Run This World with Nicole DeBoom – an inspirational podcast that features visionaries and people who are making change in the world. Nicole goes long-form as she interviews athletes, entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, educators, people who have undergone life transformations or endured traumatic events. Every guest shares a nugget of wisdom at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, forward to the last ten minutes!

26 – Sue Jacques Life Lessons From a Death Investigator

Sue Jacques is the original Forensic Death Investigator. She came before death was sexy. Before Law & Order and CSI. She and Quincy could have been friends. Sue had a long career analyzing death. And through it all, she learned important lessons on how to LIVE more fully because the one great equalizer for all of us is death.

24 – Kara Burns from Prison to 26.2

The title of this episode is no joke. Kara is a grateful, hard-working, enlightened survivor of a previous life full of bad choices and tough situations. She's refreshingly open and honest about her struggles and moreso about what she's learned from them. In my opinion this might be the best episode I've recorded yet.

23 – Dr James Rouse & Kristine Carey from Skoop on BM and BS

Meet Dr James Rouse and Kristine Carey from Healthy Skoop! Dr James started Skoop after a career as a doctor and entrepreneur, with four other guys who wanted to do good by the world and help people find their happiness and body balance. Today's episode is chock full of education, and inspiration and hilariousness.

22 – Jen Lefforge on Running for Your Life

Jen Lefforge is an extraordinary person in all ways. I got to know Jen running along a frontage road somewhere in Houston, Texas. Where better than on your first run together to bare your soul and share your dreams?

21 – Tal Thompson Runner-up Best Teacher in America on Confidence

In 2015, Tal was the runner-up for America's Top Teacher Award. After a stint on the Kelly & Michael Show, he became an overnight sensation; a highly sought after speaker, leader, motivator. f you have any interest in education, or better yet, interest in making sure that today's kids are given the best tools they can get for success, you'll love this episode.