Run This World

Welcome to Run This World with Nicole DeBoom – an inspirational podcast that features visionaries and people who are making change in the world. Nicole goes long-form as she interviews athletes, entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, educators, people who have undergone life transformations or endured traumatic events. Every guest shares a nugget of wisdom at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, forward to the last ten minutes!

157 – “I Have to Love Myself” – Tunde Borrego on Relapse, Sex, Affairs & Yoga

I met Tunde Borrego at Core Power Yoga. It was my second ever yoga class, Tunde was my instructor, and I remember thinking to myself, "I'm not sure what the heck is going on, but there's something about this woman." After class, she told me, "Just give me three tries before you decide if you like me. Turns out she's a truly exceptional human being as she openly shares her journey through life including marriage, divorce, affairs, sex, alcoholism, yoga and more.

156 – Lauren Beihoffer – It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You

Lauren Beihoffer Runs Wild. That's her instagram handle - and it perfectly sums up the path her life has taken. She is a complex woman with many layers that are often outside of her control. Lauren is a depression and anxiety warrior, a mom of three boys (two of whom are adopted from other countries) and a runner. These three pillars have wound around each other over the years, ultimately shaping who she is today.

155 – Laura Bergmann Helps You Get Unstuck

I came across Laura Bergmann through former guest Betsy Hartley who told me she had heard Laura speak and was blown away at the work she is doing to help people get moving again. Laura is a Fascia Warrior. She is on the front lines of a field of work that has largely been untapped in the world of exercise physiology.

154 – Ian Powell Lost his Grip and Found it Again: Drugs, Prison, Climbing & Creation

I met Ian Powell over four years ago when we were trying to sublet our offices in Boulder. There was something about him that struck me as different, so I went home and googled him. This is what I found - a 2013 article by Caroline Treadway in Rock & Ice that begins like this, "Ian Powell hit bottom three years ago on Thanksgiving in a dumpster near Denver. Huddled under a layer of trash, he was freezing, dope-sick and hadn’t eaten for days."

153 – Jen Rockstar Szabo “What’s the Worst that Could Possibly Happen?”

"Be your inner rockstar." Jen Rockstar Szabo adopted this phrase in the last decade as she's dealt with divorce, anxiety and depression, body acceptance, debilitating injuries and more. To Jen, being your inner rockstar is about shining a spotlight on the moments of your life that we don't openly talk about. It's not about hiding parts of ourselves, but embracing them, or as she says, "Giving them a hug and inviting them in for a cup of tea."

151 – Olympic Hopeful Nell Rojas’ Strength is her Strength

Nell Rojas is a late-start marathon runner - and it suits her. At 32, she qualified handily for the Olympic Marathon Trials in her first marathon ever. Then she followed it up with a 2:28 win at her second marathon and a top 15 ranking in the US. We all have interesting and often winding paths to the things we were meant to pursue. Nell is no different, but the really intriguing part of her story is that her success and ability to tap into her greatness seem to be happening almost by mistake - or maybe by default! Like there's a grand master plan that she is just stepping into at the exact time she's supposed to.

150 – “I’ve Always Loved Change” Runners Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik Trust Their Guts

Meet Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik - runners, coaches, dreamers, fun-creators. Brittany is one of the country's newest distance stars, fresh off a win at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon and gunning for the 2020 Marathon Trials. Jenni is the founder of Mercuria Running, a coaching business that focuses on more than just running - it's about nurturing a passion for the sport without the "at all costs" philosophy of most hard core programs.

149 – Double Amputee Roderick Sewell “Too Blessed to be Stressed”

Roderick Sewell is the kind of person who lights up a room with his smile and his energy. Depending on the situation (like if he's in a swimsuit or not!), you may never realize that he is a double above knee amputee. Most of the time it wouldn't matter, but when it comes to breaking barriers and inspiring people to do things that they have no idea they can do, it matters - a lot.

148 – Sarah Canney’s Relentless Path Forward

Sarah Canney is a creator. A creator of things that bring love, light and empowerment. Like her three amazing children, her Rise Run Retreats and her new book "Renew: Roadmap to a Better Body Image." Sarah Canney is also a defeater; a defeater of things that hold us back. Namely bulimia and negative self-image. It took a long time for her to break free from the grip of eating disorders and negative body image. Now that she is in recovery, she openly shares her journey with the goal of helping others.