Run This World

Welcome to Run This World with Nicole DeBoom – an inspirational podcast that features visionaries and people who are making change in the world. Nicole goes long-form as she interviews athletes, entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, educators, people who have undergone life transformations or endured traumatic events. Every guest shares a nugget of wisdom at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, forward to the last ten minutes!

162 – Ali Kearney’s Journey from Self Harm to Self Love

Ali Kearney is gorgeous, vibrant, healthy and entrenched in the world of running and fitness. When she smiles, it blinds everyone around her with love, light and positivity. Like so many of us, you would never guess the struggles she has been through to get here. That is, unless she's wearing a bikini and you can see the actual scars she bears. Ali spent much of her formative teen years and early 20s battling depression and anxiety. Here's how she coped; by cutting herself.

161 – Pelvic Floor 101 with Carolyn Yates Plus Incontinence, Kegels & Orgasms

Carolyn Yates is a healer - of an area that many women are afraid to talk about - pelvic floors. When we first chatted about the upcoming interview, she said, "Women should not have to suffer in silence about their pelvic floors." I agree - time to end the suffering! The only way to do that is to have open, candid conversations about body parts that can be very uncomfortable to discuss. It's funny - I've always had a bit of an aversion to using medical terms for various body parts and functions. Today we get into all of them: Vaginas, the uterus, rectums, feces, orgasms, urine, you name it. 

160 – “You are the One You’ve Been Waiting For” with Julie Piatt

Julie Piatt is an old soul who was born waiting for the time that she could break free to follow her own path. Her maternal grandfather was a Chilean energy healer; as she says, "We all know one person like me." She's a born healer who herself has been healing and growing and sharing her energy with anyone lucky enough to come across her. I realized partway through this interview that all I needed to do was give her the room to share her wisdom on a range of topics.

159 – “What’s the Best That Can Happen?” plus CBD, Brain Injuries & More with Pamela Robichaud

Pamela Robichaud is many things: Physical therapist, entrepreneur, athlete, road warrior, daughter, sister, wife and lover of spuds. Pamela and I go way back. I met her when she was a Skirt Ambassador, recruited by her husband Jon Robichaud (note: men don't usually recruit women to our brand!). The funny thing is that she quit being an ambassador to go on a year-long road trip - a life-changing experience prompted by many things including their decision to stop trying to have kids and a very scary bike crash.

158 – Remember to Breathe with Melissa Wolak

Melissa is a transformational and mindset coach. Sounds fancy, but it's really simple. Her mission is to help you build a foundation for change that will empower you no matter how you choose to dance on your path and what rhythm you go with. She can help you find your path, stay on your path, or develop tools to blaze your path in a bigger way. 

157 – “I Have to Love Myself” – Tunde Borrego on Relapse, Sex, Affairs & Yoga

I met Tunde Borrego at Core Power Yoga. It was my second ever yoga class, Tunde was my instructor, and I remember thinking to myself, "I'm not sure what the heck is going on, but there's something about this woman." After class, she told me, "Just give me three tries before you decide if you like me. Turns out she's a truly exceptional human being as she openly shares her journey through life including marriage, divorce, affairs, sex, alcoholism, yoga and more.

156 – Lauren Beihoffer – It’s Never Too Late to Take Care of You

Lauren Beihoffer Runs Wild. That's her instagram handle - and it perfectly sums up the path her life has taken. She is a complex woman with many layers that are often outside of her control. Lauren is a depression and anxiety warrior, a mom of three boys (two of whom are adopted from other countries) and a runner. These three pillars have wound around each other over the years, ultimately shaping who she is today.

155 – Laura Bergmann Helps You Get Unstuck

I came across Laura Bergmann through former guest Betsy Hartley who told me she had heard Laura speak and was blown away at the work she is doing to help people get moving again. Laura is a Fascia Warrior. She is on the front lines of a field of work that has largely been untapped in the world of exercise physiology.

154 – Ian Powell Lost his Grip and Found it Again: Drugs, Prison, Climbing & Creation

I met Ian Powell over four years ago when we were trying to sublet our offices in Boulder. There was something about him that struck me as different, so I went home and googled him. This is what I found - a 2013 article by Caroline Treadway in Rock & Ice that begins like this, "Ian Powell hit bottom three years ago on Thanksgiving in a dumpster near Denver. Huddled under a layer of trash, he was freezing, dope-sick and hadn’t eaten for days."

153 – Jen Rockstar Szabo “What’s the Worst that Could Possibly Happen?”

"Be your inner rockstar." Jen Rockstar Szabo adopted this phrase in the last decade as she's dealt with divorce, anxiety and depression, body acceptance, debilitating injuries and more. To Jen, being your inner rockstar is about shining a spotlight on the moments of your life that we don't openly talk about. It's not about hiding parts of ourselves, but embracing them, or as she says, "Giving them a hug and inviting them in for a cup of tea."