Run This World

Welcome to Run This World with Nicole DeBoom – an inspirational podcast that features visionaries and people who are making change in the world. Nicole goes long-form as she interviews athletes, entrepreneurs, health & fitness experts, educators, people who have undergone life transformations or endured traumatic events. Every guest shares a nugget of wisdom at the end, so if you’re pressed for time, forward to the last ten minutes!

151 – Olympic Hopeful Nell Rojas’ Strength is her Strength

Nell Rojas is a late-start marathon runner - and it suits her. At 32, she qualified handily for the Olympic Marathon Trials in her first marathon ever. Then she followed it up with a 2:28 win at her second marathon and a top 15 ranking in the US. We all have interesting and often winding paths to the things we were meant to pursue. Nell is no different, but the really intriguing part of her story is that her success and ability to tap into her greatness seem to be happening almost by mistake - or maybe by default! Like there's a grand master plan that she is just stepping into at the exact time she's supposed to.

150 – “I’ve Always Loved Change” Runners Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik Trust Their Guts

Meet Brittany Charboneau and Jenni Nettik - runners, coaches, dreamers, fun-creators. Brittany is one of the country's newest distance stars, fresh off a win at the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon and gunning for the 2020 Marathon Trials. Jenni is the founder of Mercuria Running, a coaching business that focuses on more than just running - it's about nurturing a passion for the sport without the "at all costs" philosophy of most hard core programs.

149 – Double Amputee Roderick Sewell “Too Blessed to be Stressed”

Roderick Sewell is the kind of person who lights up a room with his smile and his energy. Depending on the situation (like if he's in a swimsuit or not!), you may never realize that he is a double above knee amputee. Most of the time it wouldn't matter, but when it comes to breaking barriers and inspiring people to do things that they have no idea they can do, it matters - a lot.

148 – Sarah Canney’s Relentless Path Forward

Sarah Canney is a creator. A creator of things that bring love, light and empowerment. Like her three amazing children, her Rise Run Retreats and her new book "Renew: Roadmap to a Better Body Image." Sarah Canney is also a defeater; a defeater of things that hold us back. Namely bulimia and negative self-image. It took a long time for her to break free from the grip of eating disorders and negative body image. Now that she is in recovery, she openly shares her journey with the goal of helping others.

147 – Conflict is the Key to Happiness with CrisMarie and Susan of Thrive

Susan Clarke and CrisMarie Campbell are life and business partners who over time have learned that the secret to healthy relationships is to embrace conflict. Most of us think of conflict as something external, usually related to another person and a difference of opinion or philosophy. But the truth is that conflict often starts within ourselves and dealing with internal conflict must happen first.

146 – 15 Years is a Long Time for Anything – Musings from Nicole

Today I share stories from the past 15 years. Actually it started well before 2004, back to when I was a kid and no one could tell if I was a boy or a girl! Today gender is fluid; it's not so much of an issue. But it was back then and it created insecurities about my femininity that ultimately led to the start of Skirt Sports.

145 – Tina Muir Gets Real

Tina Muir is many things. But that wasn't always so. For a long time, she was a runner - a world-class, professional distance runner who sacrificed just about everything for performance. That is, until she decided that running was no longer enough and it was time to add a new adventure to her life. That adventure is now 19 months old, named Bailey Grace, and it's a testament to Tina's will to change that her baby girl is here with us today. 

144 – Being a Better Person with Sanjay Rawal

Sanjay Rawal is Transcendent. We use that word a lot in this episode because one of Sanjay's life passions is to find more depth in all the things we do in life – beyond the actual acts of doing them. Take running for instance, there’s a race in new York called the Self Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. This is a real thing that people do every year. They run around a city block in Queens for 3100 miles. Why do they do it? To become better. Better people. Better for themselves. Better for the world around them.

143 – Rising Strong Together with Meghan Bigelow

Meghan Bigelow's message is a work in progress. She’s gone through a terrible tragedy and a year later, she is dealing with the wreckage and putting her life and purpose back into place. Meghan and her sons are victims of gun violence. On a trip to the dentist last June, they were followed and then gunned down by a man who was enraged by a driving incident. Meghan and her youngest son Asa were both shot and left for dead. Her middle son, Cooper, ran and escaped. Her oldest son, Vaughn Jr, who she calls Bubba, was killed.