I’m excited to announce my September Eating Challenge. I’m calling it Food Awareness Month – and I’m scared to death about it! You see, I’m a snacker. All day every day. I constantly munch. Just ask my teammates. It’s a non-stop stream of snacks to the point where I forget I’m eating.


I decided that it would be a “fun” experiment to see how many, and what kinds, of calories I’m putting into my body. I put a shout-out on Facebook and my community highly recommended the MyFitnessPal app.


I uploaded the free app and set my goal: Maintain my weight. This is not a weight loss challenge for me, but rather, a potential eye opener. With my height (5’7”), my weight (140is), and my activity level (very active!), I can apparently eat 2,380 calories a day.


Is this a lot? Will I be stuffed or starving? Michael Phelps supposedly eats 12,000 calories a day. This actually doesn’t seem that high to me, based on the fact that I am allowed to eat 20% of his intake and he probably works out five hours more per day than I do!


So while it will be interesting to learn what my general caloric intake is, even more interestingly and definitely more importantly, will be what KINDS of calories I’m eating. In other words, am I getting the right variety of nutrition to keep my 43 year old body happy and healthy for the long haul?


Who wants to do this with me? I’ll write a weekly blog about my trials and tribulations and invite you to comment and post on FB. If I get my act together, I’ll try to post my results daily – serious transparency here. And please feel free to friend me on MyFitnessPal.


Who else is ready to put yourselves out there for FOOD AWARENESS MONTH? It’s great timing before Candy Month and Holiday Gluttony descend on us!