We’re about to VEG OUT! Our June eating challenge includes eating lots of colorful foods, and eliminating some not-so-colorful foods that we really like a lot. To keep ourselves on a more structured schedule than April’s disastrous “No Dessert After Dinner” month (during which we learned to sneak dessert during the day instead), we created some rules, because as it turns out, vegetarian can mean lots of things.


Why veg? Eating a largely plant-based diet has proven health benefits, namely reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension and countless other chronic health problems. I want to clean up. Time to focus on simple foods in a variety of colors. I’m someone who has always craved veggies, so I’m excited that Tim agreed to join me for this one!


Here’s what Going Veg means to me. I just researched and discovered that there are 4 accepted categories of vegetarians. We plan to spend 3 weeks in the “lacto-ovo-vegetarian” category. That means we are going to be those strange people at restaurants who say things like, “I’m a lacto-ovo-vegetarian. What can I eat from the menu?” In a nutshell, we can eat eggs and dairy, but no meat, poultry or seafood. The big challenge will be how to consume enough of the nutrients that meat, chicken, and fish provide. I’ll need your help here with recipe suggestions below.


But the bigger challenge is our self-imposed “Vegan Week!” Vegans are the fourth and strictest category of vegetarians. They basically don’t get to eat much as far as I can tell. The rule of thumb: They eat zero animal products which means we will be cutting out dairy and eggs too. Anyone can do anything for one week, right?


I believe we will thrive in Veggie June with the help and support of our community. I need some recipes – and fast! Please list your fave vegetarian, and especially, vegan recipes. Dinner recipes are most important. Tim and I have actually learned to plan our dinners each week, so we’ll be shopping tomorrow, the last day of May, for our June eating challenge!