Run This World Podcast – Why I’m Doing This!

4 gym girls sprinting


Welcome to the first ever episode of Run This World a podcast that features visionaries who are creating change in the world. These are people who are called to share their messages and are doing something about it. People who will inspire you to create positive forward change in your own worlds.


I’ve been considering a podcast for a long time. I do a lot of public speaking and have been interviewed on many podcasts over the years. I spend a good amount of time on that side of the microphone. But there’s something inside me that has always felt called to the other side of the mike. I think it’s that I meet so many incredible people who are doing insane things to move the world – that I feel compelled to share their stories through my perspective.


So I’m finally doing it. Here’s your official welcome to Run This World my new podcast!


The premise of the show is that you will listen to it when you’re out on a training run. The average 5k time is 36 minutes 38 seconds – that’s an 11:47 minute per mile pace. Each interview will be roughly long enough to get you through your 5k run and leave you with enough inspiration to get after it again next week. I will warn you. The first few episodes, we went over 3.1 miles each time. There’s just too much good stuff oozing out of my amazing guests. My hope is that at a minimum, you’ll be entertained, and if we’re lucky, you’ll find some golden nugget from each episode that will help you move forward in this world in a more positive and exciting way.


Be sure to head over to iTunes and subscribe to the Run This World podcast, share it with your friends, family and your universe! Specifically, I want to hear your thoughts, feedback and any suggestions you have for future guests – people who have a big vision and are making change in the world. Today we ran about a mile together – we’re just getting warmed up – so let’s keep moving and listen to Episode 2 with Molly Barker. It’s a good one!