I’ve always enjoyed cake. But it wasn’t the cake as much as the frosting. I long ago publicly declared my next business idea: A chain of Frosting Cafes. Imagine a good old-fashioned Baskin Robbins but instead of ice cream, the buckets are filled with all different types of frosting. Buttercream, double chocolate, Vermont maple syrup walnut, bacon infusion, even plain ole vanilla white. You choose your frosting vehicle (cupcake, waffle, your finger!) and load it on.*


Clearly I’ve had too much time to dream up ways to get frosting in my mouth. So I never imagined I would one day switch teams and become a cake preferer! This is important stuff so you need to understand the journey.


A few years ago, I was sitting on a spin bike with a bunch of other civilians in my local gym, RallySport. They actually have spin classes for professional athlete types too, but I don’t really need those anymore, so I opt for the Sunday class that takes all comers. That fateful day, I was sitting next to this guy who looked pretty legit. I could tell he’d ridden a bike a time or two, and as per my M.O., I started up a conversation during a recovery interval.


Turns out, he was a professional cyclist in his past career, but had recently started a local business. Turns out that business was a specialty cake business. Turns out he was diagnosed with celiac disease shortly after launching so they turned their bakery into a 100% gluten-free zone. Turns out his wife is totally awesome too and was sitting on a different spin bike on the other side of the room (maybe that’s how they’ve stayed together all these years!). Turns out I had just met Kim & Jake – the couple who would later become my great friends and the Finish Line Cake sponsor of our 13er!



After quick intros we all went our separate ways, but this special couple and this special business stayed with me. I decided to try their products. It only took one bite. Let me repeat… IT ONLY TOOK ONE BITE! And I was forever changed. That day I became a cake lover first and a frosting lover second. Kim & Jake changed everything for me!


For those of you who claim to “Run for Cake,” I know that many of you actually “Run for Frosting.” But I’m going to tell you right now that after the first bite of your hard-earned Kim & Jake’s post-13er cake, you will change teams too. I’m betting on it!


*If you are interested in franchising a Frosting Café, please click here!