In December 2003, I was on a training run in Lyons, Colorado when I glimpsed my reflection in a storefront window. What I saw made that off-season training run even worse – I looked like a boy! My first thought was, “I am so uninspired,” followed quickly by, “I just want to feel pretty!” The word pretty became more important with each step, not because I wanted to look pretty for anyone else, but because I wanted to feel pretty, to feel more like myself in everything I did, including unmotivating winter training runs. I could feel like I was on the cusp of something brilliant, so much that I cut that training run short, ran home and started scribbling notes for what would soon become my next passion – Skirt Sports – a women’s athletic apparel brand that would combine all the things I wanted that did not exist – performance, comfort and cute-factor.

It took nine months for me to create a working prototype of the first ever running skirt, one huge race (2004 Ironman Wisconsin) to prove that it performed, and the guts to order 500 skirts to see if anyone else understood my idea. Fortunately they did and in 2005 a brand new category was born – Skirts for running and fitness.

In August 2020, I passed the Skirt baton to another amazing business owner – Sarah Ratzlaff of the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series. Her vision to help empower women was the absolutely perfect fit. I’m still involved with Skirt Sports from the sidelines; cheering, supporting & helping elevate women!

Today Skirt Sports is going stronger than ever. We have evolved from a one-style brand into the most inclusive women’s fitness apparel brand in the world. Our mission is to help women break their own barriers in their quest for happiness through the transformative power of running and fitness. We are the only brand that creates products that fit women’s bodies the way they should. We are proud to support women of all body types, activity levels, backgrounds, ages and with a wide range of challenges and goals.

Skirt Sports welcomes you into our community and encourages you to be proud of who you are – just as you are! Join us in celebrating the strength and courage of women.

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