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52 – Latoya Snell the Running Fat Chef Says Don’t Be Scared of Your Own Success

Meet Latoya Shauntay Snell. Latoya is a 31 year old Skirt Sports ambassador. That’s how we first came together. But there’s more. Much more. She’s the mom of a 9 year old boy recently diagnosed with a lifelong disease. She’s a woman who has gone through and is overcoming personal issues from health to work to […]

49 – Barb Lazarus Making Strong Girls Starts with Us

  Meet Barb Lazarus, pioneer in the world of girls’ empowerment. Barb graduated from a career as a successful attorney and has made it her second life’s mission to empower and give back to girls. She’s the founder of Game On Sports Camp 4 Girls. These are year round camps for girls ages 4-14, that started in Chicago […]

47 – Allen Lim Make Your Best Life From Skratch

  Meet Allen Lim. Physiologist. Coach. Entrepreneur. He’s a former coach of the cycling stars who brought innovative sports nutrition company Skratch Labs to life after years of making his “secret drink mix” for athletes in grueling endurance events like the Tour de France. Allen and I have run in the same circles for years […]

43 – Tales From the Shoot

  Last week I did a photo shoot in Savannah, Georgia. We chose it for two reasons. 1) It’s usually decent weather so you can make the winter look like spring, 2) Free place to stay! My parents, Gail and Roger Molzahn, retired there about 20 years ago and every time I go back, I […]

40 – Isabel McDevitt on Looking People in the Eye

Meet Isabel McDevitt, a woman in the forefront of social enterprise innovation, namely for bucking the system and creating a new paradigm for how societies treat victims of homelessness. Isabel started her career working for a nonprofit in New York called the Doe Fund. There, she created Ready Willing & Able, a platform of entrepreneurial businesses created specifically […]