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55 – Monica Leonard Protects our Families from Everyday Dangers

  Meet Monica Leonard – Pediatric nurse turned entrepreneur, mom, wife, and trailblazer in the world of chemical-free living. Actually that’s the wrong way to say it, as Monica educated me, there are all sorts of chemicals in the world. Some are really bad for you and much more abundant than we realize. Monica didn’t intend […]

50 – Colleen Cannon on Chickens, Watermelons & Why Women Will Save the Earth

Meet Colleen Cannon – former professional triathlete & the founder of Women’s Quest. Before retreats were a thing, before women’s-only anything was a thing, before the internet even, there was Colleen. She discovered her calling early on, and just knew she needed to create a way to bring women together for self-care, love and empowerment.   […]

2016 Eating Experimentation Year in Review

  In 2015 I played with food. I made a commitment at the start of the year to step out of my food box and try new things.   I didn’t want to lose weight. I wasn’t interested in a fad diet. I wasn’t looking for a magic pill. In fact, I didn’t want to […]

Engine 2 Challenge Results are In

  I took on the Engine 2 Challenge during the toughest month of the year. The Halloween  Month. It was ambitious due to my propensity for candy corn, but I wanted more than the usual challenge. I wanted to make some changes during a time when I usually go backward.   To refresh your memory, […]

The Gotta Go is a Go

  The first-ever skirt designed to cater to women’s secret bladder needs will arrive in April 2016.   Here’s how it happened. You asked. You weren’t afraid. You put yourself out there. You literally said, “I leak. I pee a lot. I have a heavy period. I want something that will make my life better. […]

The Leak That Just Won’t Quit

  I sneezed and peed. I coughed and peed. I laughed and peed. I did a double-under and peed. I ran and peed.   One in three women suffer from exercise-induced incontinence.  Aging and childbirth can increase the likelihood of this lovely phenomenon (also called stress incontinence) but it can still occur even if you’re […]

Cross Training Part 3: Mobility Stability Training

  Or as Training Guru Master Erin Carson of EC Fit Boulder calls it, “Mobile Stable Mobile Stable Mobile Stable.” Erin recently led a fitness clinic at Skirt Sports aimed at helping us attain a better range of motion. That’s the best way I can frame it.   I had to stop her. “Wait Erin! […]