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Cuz When You Gotta Go…

  Some things just need to be talked about. Years ago, when I was in the throes of starting my business, a woman approached me in a store with, “You don’t know me, but I have a product idea.” I get this all the time and I always listen. Most of the product requests don’t […]

Eating Awareness Month – September Food Tracking

  I’m excited to announce my September Eating Challenge. I’m calling it Food Awareness Month – and I’m scared to death about it! You see, I’m a snacker. All day every day. I constantly munch. Just ask my teammates. It’s a non-stop stream of snacks to the point where I forget I’m eating.   I […]

The Best Way to See a City – Run it!

  I just got home from the best trip ever – girl time in the city with my mom and sister. We try to do this every year and fail. Every time we actually make it happen, we say we need to do it more often. My first piece of wisdom for you – Take […]

Get Older – Rest More!

  I’ve been so inspired by stories of women runners in their 50s and older, that I decided to talk to an expert on the concept of fitness after 50. Much of my feel-good research has been anecdotal, so I sought out Debra Atkinson, author of the upcoming book, “The After 50 Fitness Formula for […]

Whoa Where Did My Body Go?

I had a baby two years ago. Before that, I was a professional triathlete. I trained 20-30 hours a week. I was strong and lean. I weighed 135-140 pounds. I wore a size small and all my clothes fit me perfectly. Now, I’m a more-than-full-time career woman, chasing a 2-year-old, and trying to fit 5-8 […]

I Shaved My Legs Today

I shaved my legs today. If you can call it that. During a quick shower session, I grabbed my razor and took about 4 swipes up the front of my shins.   Later, when I was sitting on the couch for dinner (yes, we watch tv during dinner!), the light caught my ankle area just […]

Got Breast Milk?

  When I was pregnant, people would ask me, “Are you going to breastfeed?” My answer was, “I think so. If it works for me.” In truth, I was too busy preparing for the big event (the birth!) to think about what would come next. It’s not that I ever had anything against breastfeeding. I […]

My Sister Michele, The Baby Whisperer

    I am incredibly lucky. Not only do I know a real live Baby Whisperer, but she happens to be within my very closest circle of family and friends. She’s my sister.   Baby whisperers make it look easy. I’ve always noticed people who make certain things look easy. They are the best in […]