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It’s all about Sex!

  In this case, we’re actually talking gender, but I got your attention, didn’t I?!!!   First and foremost – DO NOT SCROLL DOWN! – You must read this entire blog and let the anticipation build before we tell you if we’re bringing a new boy or girl into the world. I know, big deal, […]

To Ride or Not to Ride – The Pregnant Cyclist

  I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and still riding my bike. People have strong opinions on this topic; so far I’ve heard the following…   I rode through my whole pregnancy. I switched to my mountain bike on the roads for a more upright position. I did a triathlon in my 6th month and […]

Kicking & Slowing Down

  Two things happened recently.   I felt the baby kick. I’m getting really slow.   I’ve decided that these two things must go hand in hand.   When I first got pregnant, everyone said that the kicking would be an incredible experience. Most people suggested it would feel like little flutters. Here’s how it […]

BabyMaker, Superhero, or Both?!

There is something crazy going on. My body is transforming by the minute – into something that can only be summarized as a physiological miracle. This is the stuff of superhero legends.   I’m 18 weeks pregnant. Almost halfway there. The changes that are now taking place blow my mind!   I have decided that […]

Holy Relaxin Batman!

  I went to the gym this week for a short strength workout. Please note that I took two weeks away from the gym due to getting sick and getting busy (unfortunately not that kind of busy – ha!). So my goal was to return to my prenatal strength-training regimen with a basic re-introduction workout. […]

I Sneezed and Peed

  Something new happened the other day.   I sneezed and peed.   It was an interesting moment. One second I was happily sitting on the couch. I felt a sneeze coming on. I braced for the usual sneeze sensation. The next thing I knew… some pee came out! Mind you, it was just a […]

To Run or Not To Run

  It goes without saying that I want to have a smooth, healthy, robust pregnancy. It does not go without saying that I want to look and feel like a pile of mush by the time it’s all over. So, I’m determined to create an exercise plan that will result in a positive experience for […]

Am I in Jail or Just on Probation?

  Even before I got pregnant, I started doing prenatal research. I focused primarily on “what not to do.” What I found was disconcerting to say the least. The list is long and basically eliminates many guilty pleasures that I regularly enjoyed. I’m pregnant, not guilty of a major crime against society for crying out […]

Getting Pregnant – Acupuncture, Weight Gain and Lifestyle Changes

    Let me start by saying that there is no control for this experiment. I can’t say that one factor is solely responsible for our ability to get pregnant. I’m just happy to share our path to pregnancy – maybe it’ll provide some ideas for those of you who are in the stages of […]