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48 – Cleansing Your Life with Jules & Jo

I did the Conscious Cleanse after meeting one of the founders, Jules Pelaez. The minute I saw her I knew who she was. The glow gave her away! I’m not kidding – she exudes an all-over glow. Hair, skin, body, spirit. I later came to find out that the glow is a side effect of […]

47 – Allen Lim Make Your Best Life From Skratch

  Meet Allen Lim. Physiologist. Coach. Entrepreneur. He’s a former coach of the cycling stars who brought innovative sports nutrition company Skratch Labs to life after years of making his “secret drink mix” for athletes in grueling endurance events like the Tour de France. Allen and I have run in the same circles for years […]

10 – Robyn O’Brien on Cleaning Up Our Food

Meet Robyn O'Brien - unintentional food activist. Over a decade ago, she watched her youngest child go through a severe food allergy and was suddenly thrust into the world of food allergy education. Her finance background set her up to be a natural fit in this world as she was able to both translate the data in this very confusing industry and relate it to everyday moms just like her.

5 – Rip Esselstyn on Eating Strong Food

Meet Rip Esselstyn, a man of many talents. I first knew Rip as an incredibly talented pro triathlete who raced against my husband Tim in the mid 90s. After his triathlon career, he became a firefighter in Austin, TX. It was there that he founded the Engine 2 empire which started as a macho “who has the lowest cholesterol” contest between firefighters and has become a massive movement in the plant-powered arena. He’s one of those people who is truly changing the world and I can’t wait to share his outlook with you.

2016 Eating Experimentation Year in Review

  In 2015 I played with food. I made a commitment at the start of the year to step out of my food box and try new things.   I didn’t want to lose weight. I wasn’t interested in a fad diet. I wasn’t looking for a magic pill. In fact, I didn’t want to […]

Engine 2 Challenge Results are In

  I took on the Engine 2 Challenge during the toughest month of the year. The Halloween  Month. It was ambitious due to my propensity for candy corn, but I wanted more than the usual challenge. I wanted to make some changes during a time when I usually go backward.   To refresh your memory, […]

Food Tracking – September Eating Challenge

  Let me start by saying that while “No Dessert April” was the worst month of my life, “Food Tracking September” has been the most annoying month of my life! Even with the invention of food tracking apps, it is not easy to log every single bite I take each day. But I guess that […]

Eating Awareness Month – September Food Tracking

  I’m excited to announce my September Eating Challenge. I’m calling it Food Awareness Month – and I’m scared to death about it! You see, I’m a snacker. All day every day. I constantly munch. Just ask my teammates. It’s a non-stop stream of snacks to the point where I forget I’m eating.   I […]