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43 – Tales From the Shoot

  Last week I did a photo shoot in Savannah, Georgia. We chose it for two reasons. 1) It’s usually decent weather so you can make the winter look like spring, 2) Free place to stay! My parents, Gail and Roger Molzahn, retired there about 20 years ago and every time I go back, I […]

2016 Here We Come!

  Happy New Year! Before I look forward to 2016, it’s important to spend a few minutes looking back. A year is a long time. 365 varied days ranging from joyous to outright miserable. While it’s important to remember and learn from the negative things that happen, it doesn’t help to focus on them if […]

The Gotta Go is a Go

  The first-ever skirt designed to cater to women’s secret bladder needs will arrive in April 2016.   Here’s how it happened. You asked. You weren’t afraid. You put yourself out there. You literally said, “I leak. I pee a lot. I have a heavy period. I want something that will make my life better. […]

The Leak That Just Won’t Quit

  I sneezed and peed. I coughed and peed. I laughed and peed. I did a double-under and peed. I ran and peed.   One in three women suffer from exercise-induced incontinence.  Aging and childbirth can increase the likelihood of this lovely phenomenon (also called stress incontinence) but it can still occur even if you’re […]

Cuz When You Gotta Go…

  Some things just need to be talked about. Years ago, when I was in the throes of starting my business, a woman approached me in a store with, “You don’t know me, but I have a product idea.” I get this all the time and I always listen. Most of the product requests don’t […]

Transformed – Stories of Running Inspiration

  This is the story of a special woman named Kara Burns.   In February 2015, I sat in the Skirt Sports warehouse, listening to twenty nervous women share their stories. They were answering the question, “Why did you apply for the Skirt Sports Kick Start program?”   More than a few tears were shed […]

The Bad Relationship

  Apparently I’m a sucker for Bad Relationships because I’m pretty sure I love hills! I don’t think there are many of us out there, so if you are a fellow hill worshipper, please declare it loud and proud in so I won’t feel so alone!   I love joking about how much hills suck […]

Runner with a Cake Addiction

  I’ve always enjoyed cake. But it wasn’t the cake as much as the frosting. I long ago publicly declared my next business idea: A chain of Frosting Cafes. Imagine a good old-fashioned Baskin Robbins but instead of ice cream, the buckets are filled with all different types of frosting. Buttercream, double chocolate, Vermont maple […]

13.1 Reasons to Go 13.1

  In 2013, an all-time high of over 2 million people finished a half marathon, 61% of them were women, according to a 2014 Running USA report. So people have actually figured out that running long distance, but not TOO long, is the cool thing to do. The question is why 13.1? How did this […]