I just got home from the best trip ever – girl time in the city with my mom and sister. We try to do this every year and fail. Every time we actually make it happen, we say we need to do it more often. My first piece of wisdom for you – Take the time and make it happen. Moms and sisters are very special.

So we hopped a train to downtown Chicago and I shook out the selfie cobwebs (disregard finger in forefront!).


My second piece of wisdom is that even if all of your levels of fitness are different, you can still have an active enough vacation to justify all of the insane binge eating that tends to happen when families get together!

Our goal on this trip was to discover all of the “cute, boutique-y” neighborhoods of Chicago (which included Wicker Park, Old Town, Andersonville and Lincoln Square), drink strong coffee (that was my personal goal), and eat at awesome restaurants. IMG_9977

Michele and I woke up and hit the lakefront for a jog through Lincoln Park Zoo. I love running through zoos and there are very few free public zoos. We got a solid 10,000 steps by 10am and we were able to see a few animals but more interestingly a crowd of people standing around watching – nothing! Apparently they were reintroducing a male and female lion and it didn’t go so well, so there was nothing to see except a bunch of fire extinguishers. Imagine if people sprayed you with a fire extinguisher every time you had a fight with your husband!


We spent the rest of the day cruising Chicago neighborhoods, browsing little boutiques, drinking amazing coffee, grabbing a gourmet doughnut if the mood was right and of course getting mandatory mani-pedis until it was time for dinner at some incredible Chicago eatery.


And this is how it went. Over 20,000 steps a day; many calories burned and many calories consumed. But it was the special bonding time with my sister and my mom that matter most. I hope that someday my girl will want to roll around a city with her 70 year old mom, splurging, sharing and finding that we are the best friends we could have.